Regional and National Advertising options delivered to over 23 million homes every 4-6 weeks.

Increase Visibility

Now more than ever, you need a partner that understands the dynamics of print and digital marketing. Clipper Magazine* offers advertisers response-driven tools to acquire new customers and bring back existing ones. Increase brand awareness and drive sales by connecting your business to the effectiveness of local content. Ensure your success like so many other businesses throughout the country do. Let us help you design a strategy that will help you grow.

*Clipper Magazine also publishes under the brands Local Flavor, Mint Magazine,Reach, Great Deals, Market Magazine, and Get1Free.

From retail chains to home improvement and direct response, Clipper Magazine provides blanket coverage for major markets. Promoting valuable brand awareness and special values on goods and services desired and sought after by consumers.

  • Response-Driven
  • Cost-Effective
  • Extended Shelf Life


Maximize your marketing and reach thousands of new customers with our Off-Page Products. Options include various-sized cards and both folded and flat inserts—all designed, printed and mailed with the publications for a low per-home price. Best of all, the engaging visibility and consumer interaction drive a favorable “keep it” response from even the busiest of households.

Local Data Postcards

Our most popular postcard is a stand-alone, custom-designed mail piece delivered at the sub-ZIP Code level. An advertiser’s wish come true, Local Data Postcards drive response while maximizing the most discriminating advertising budget.


Another favorite is our insert program. A perfect way to showcase a menu or brochure, our custom-designed, full-color inserts are available in a variety of sizes. With options that extend out of the magazine, it’s easy for consumers to pull out and keep.

Saturate markets by targeting to Sub-ZIP Codes or carrier routes.

Zero in on median income and home value.

Turnkey Solo Direct Mail Postcards

Deliver advertising messages into the mail stream in 10 business days or less and right into the hands of the homeowners you want to attract. Our Anytime Postcards are a budget-friendly option that targets distribution based on basic demographics.

  • Solo Mailed to Routes of Your Choice
  • Mailed to Full ZIP-Code Saturation or Targeted
    Carrier Route Based Upon Median Income or Median Home Value
  • Custom Designed, Printed, and Mailed (Pre-sort Standard)

Read our magazines one or more times**

Consider our magazines their main coupon source*

Use 3 or more coupons per issue*

Keep their magazines more than 2 weeks*

*Publication readership statistics based on readership poll Excerpted from The Media Audit 2010 National Report
**Advertising Readership & Response Tracking Study. IPSOS Custom Studies, December 2015