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AmatoMartin Partners with Management to Acquire
Clipper Magazine, One of the Largest Publications in US

Clipper will continue to work with Vericast as it accelerates
the pace at which Clipper can help consumers save and local businesses grow.

AmatoMartin, a privately held investment company focused on investing in exceptional teams operating in the media, marketing services & digital transformation sectors, today announced the acquisition of one of the largest publications in the US, Clipper Magazine from Vericast. AmatoMartin will partner with the Clipper team to reimagine the way consumers save and local businesses grow as both navigate record inflation in a post COVID economy.

“I’ve developed a deep appreciation for what makes Clipper so special over the last 18 years and our success stems from our team’s passion to help local businesses succeed,” said Jake Grether, CRO of Clipper. “With AmatoMartin’s support, we have a unique opportunity to further enhance the customer experience and expand our capabilities. This is a very exciting time for our customers and employees, and I’m honored to be part of the team that will lead our growth strategy.”

Clipper reaches one out of every four owner-occupied households in the US and provides consumers with exclusive deals, coupons, digital offers and promotions from local businesses. With the pandemic spurring 76% of consumers to support local businesses and economies1, Clipper’s more than 16,000 clients are showing their appreciation by offering even more savings to consumers across the country.

David Murphy, COO of Clipper, said, “The partnership with AmatoMartin will provide the Clipper team the focus, expertise and resources needed to accelerate Clipper’s vision to be the premier client solution for local businesses and the primary destination for consumers seeking savings in their local communities.”

AmatoMartin approached Vericast concerning a potential acquisition of Clipper in 2021. “We believe in local business and in supporting entrepreneurs and their team members to achieve their goals with greater speed and certainty,” said Brian F. Martin founding partner of AmatoMartin. “Clipper offers consumers real savings, close to home, and is uniquely positioned to help local businesses reward their most loyal customers and welcome in new ones.”

Clipper is a leading provider of multichannel advertising and promotional solutions for local businesses with nearly 40 years of audience and advertiser engagement through magazine publications and digital offerings. As one of the largest direct-mail publishers in the country, Clipper reaches 1 in 4 owner-occupied households in the US with content that features local advertisers and national brands to create a one-of-a-kind, community-oriented publication that provides consumers with real savings, close to home.

1. Survey commissioned by GoDaddy and conducted by OnePoll