Coupons are currency.
They drive people to your business.

Coupons benefit both consumers and business owners alike. Consumers save money using coupons, while business owners benefit from increased traffic.

Clipper Magazine® has been–and remains–the leader in coupon advertising. American consumers have increasingly less free time (and less discretionary income); our magazine format enables readers to find what they are looking for quickly.

With Clipper Magazine®, your offer will never print behind someone else’s or get lost in the shuffle of nondescript, look-alike newspaper coupons.

The magazine is organized in its design, making it a far more enjoyable experience for our readers—your potential customers. This translates to increased readership and greater coupon redemption. In fact, the magazine’s shelf life is six to eight weeks, which gives your message repeat exposure, meaning more time to generate responses—and more business for you!


Among the advertising and direct-mail solutions that businesses turn to, coupons are the most efficient and trackable. They are an easy method to measure your total sales and the value generated from your coupon promotion.


Customers will react much better to strong offers. Offering something “free” will not only obtain first-time clients for you, but will also persuade current clients to try additional products or services you offer.