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Home & Décor Ideas is a style-focused, upscale magazine…
featuring page after page of beautifully designed full-color ads aimed to connect consumers with local merchants and craftsmen. Mailed to over 100,000 mid- to upper-income homeowners 8 times per year, Home & Décor Ideas is synonymous with well-appointed design inspiration for those within the Broward and Palm Beach (FL) and Atlanta (GA) markets.

A sister publication to Clipper Magazine, America’s trusted direct mail publisher for over 30 years, Home & Décor Ideas remains focused to provide quality, cost-effective and results-driven marketing. Each issue serves as a valued reference book for guidance in home renovations, kitchen and bath refreshes, roof and window replacement, landscaping and lighting, as well as interior decorating and furniture selection.

Home & Decor Ideas Magazine - Serving Broward and Palm Beach, FL and Atlanta, GA

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