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2024 U.S. consumer entertainment survey results

In a recent survey conducted by Valpak, insights were gathered from over 1700 American adults to understand their entertainment preferences and spending behaviors. Despite ongoing economic uncertainties and inflationary pressures, one trend remains consistent with last year’s observations: To keep the fun-seekers engaged, providing exceptional customer experiences alongside attractive deals and discounts is crucial! Whether it’s a birthday bash, a visit to major attractions, or attending festivals and sporting events, entertainment continues to be a top priority for individuals eager to make up for lost time.

Key insights for entertainment & event organizers:

  •  ● 46% of respondents plan to allocate between $1,000 and $4,499 on entertainment expenditures this year
  •  ● The primary motivator for exploring new entertainment options remains coupons or discounts (76%)
  •  ● Once again, buy-one, get-one free admissions lead as the most sought-after entertainment promotion (61%)
  •  ● Food festivals (70%) outshine movie theaters (68%) as preferred entertainment venues

Motivation to explore new experiences

The leading incentive to venture into new entertainment realms remains consistent, with 76% citing a good deal as the primary motivator, often in the form of relevant coupons or discounts. However, this year’s data reveals a growing inclination towards social influence, with 37% expressing that an invitation from friends or family would prompt them to explore new entertainment options. Moreover, 33% indicated proximity to their residence or workplace as a significant motivating factor, signaling a preference for local, easily accessible entertainment options.

Securing the right offer

“I appreciate discounts as long as they aren’t offset by inflated base prices.”

The prevailing economic climate underscores the importance of fair pricing, with consumers seeking relief through attractive offers. BOGO admissions remain highly coveted (61% of respondents), while discounts on food purchases surged by nearly 10 percentage points to 60%, almost on par with last year’s BOGO incentives.

Community engagement

A growing affinity for loyalty programs and rewards is evident, with 49% of consumers enrolled in restaurant loyalty programs, paralleled by 36% indicating membership in religious organizations. This underscores the appeal of group entertainment experiences, often enhanced by discounts or deals, following moments of reflection or fellowship.

Aligning with causes

Beyond loyalty and discounts, American consumers exhibit a strong affinity for businesses supporting causes they care about, with 91% considering such factors. Animal welfare (41%), military/veterans (33%), and homelessness/poverty (29%) emerge as prominent causes of concern, highlighting the value of businesses aligning with societal values to enhance brand appeal.

Embracing the grandeur

The allure of theme parks, concerts, and musical performances remains strong, with 51% expressing a desire to attend concerts or musical performances in the coming months. Additionally, 49% anticipate staying at hotels for upcoming leisure activities, potentially including visits to zoos (38%) to marvel at majestic creatures.

The allure of festivals

Whether for the gastronomic delights or musical euphoria, festivals are poised to be a highlight of the entertainment calendar, with 70% expressing interest in attending food festivals, 51% in experiencing unique attractions at fairs and carnivals, and 43% seeking musical entertainment.

Indoor indulgence

While outdoor experiences hold their charm, indoor pursuits offer an intimate alternative, with visits to museums or science center’s ranking high on respondents’ entertainment preferences (53%). However, movies continue to captivate audiences, emerging as the top choice (68%) for entertainment, especially with enticing coupons or offers.

So much to do, so little time

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