4 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Marketing Tips for Larger Profits

A perfect example of great fortune is the privilege of growing up with the best Mom in the world. To capitalize on this luck in life even further, create a Mother’s Day marketing campaign that will draw like-minded customers happy to spend a few or more dollars to celebrate one of their pillars in life—MOM!

Last year, 84% of consumers spent a motherload of $37.7 billion on Mother’s Day. Yes, it’s clear that there is a lot of reverence and love out there for moms. However, breaking into and grabbing a portion of the memorable holiday spending requires creativity and strategic planning. May 12 is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get up and get going, as almost all mothers tell their children each morning.

Here are 4 last-minute tips for your business to use to build a better Mother’s Day promotion that will tug at the heartfelt consumers to get out and spend on their dear Mom.

1. Simple is key

Mother’s Day marketing doesn’t have to be over the top; simplicity plays best. Research and select a robust promotional concept and build your offer around it. Next, think like a customer and ask yourself the following questions:
  •  • Will this offer expire or not?
  •  • Are there quantity limitations with this offer?
  •  • Is the discount limited, or does it apply to everything?
  •  • Is this offer available only in-store, or can it be accessed online?
  •  • Will there be a promotional code tied to the offer?
Moreover, if you want to offer a discount, offer one—choose one or two if you have services or products to promote in this offer. Or you can create a package deal with combined products and services at one low price. Remember, whichever offer you land on, cover all angles. Again, keep your campaign message simple/easy to understand. Thus, existing and potential customers will have little to no questions about the offers, and then you can track the performance of what worked best and what did not for next year.

2. Uniqueness works

As loved ones plan to spend a record amount in 2024 based on last year’s numbers, with 74% planning on gifting flowers and greeting cards, plus those special outings with mom to maybe brunch or dinner (60%)—and don’t forget stepmothers, wives, and daughters in the mix, consumers plan to spend roughly $275 per person! That’s a lot of consumer mom-love this season.

Shiny necklaces and earrings are wonderfully appreciated gifts; however, your company may offer something unique that shakes up the norm in Mother’s Day gifting. But at the end of the day, what do moms truly seek and need a little bit of—yep, R&R:

  •  • Shop
  •  • Rest
  •  • Curl up with a good book
  •  • A trip to the salon
  •  • Mom cocktail

And with all that moms do and manage to accomplish in a day, week, or year, they may just yearn for a little bit of “me time,” where they can relish your gifts and loving thoughts.

Review your inventory or services and then teach your target audience with a dead-on promotion that addresses what mom really wants this year. By that, always look for new and exciting ideas, something a little different for your Mother’s Day promotion this time.

Folks are pretty busy these days with all the ads and offers coming their way from gas pumps to coffee shop kiosks—something unique and subtle might just be the gift they’re looking for to show their love and, at the same time, help increase your profits.

3. Stay on target

When putting your Mother’s Day advertising campaign together, don’t forget that these promotions, while for moms, aren’t targeted at them. Think boyfriends, husbands, fathers, sons, daughters, et al. How can you get in front of their eyes and grab their attention with your campaign? Your offer must convey how your store has something unique, simple, and possibly more affordable than the competition. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  •  • Complimentary gift wrapping
  •  • Free delivery
  •  • A gift with purchase
  •  • Easy online journey
  •  • Ability to call and order
  •  • A great greeting card selection

4. Spread the love

Communicate with other local businesses, such as an added discount when a customer shows you purchase proof (receipt) from another local store and vice versa. Another great way to boost profits and get new customers is to include a separate discount offer with a Mother’s Day purchase just for the recipient, Mom, now a new customer!

Moms rule!

Use these 4 tips to help create a better (more profitable) marketing strategy for your business this Mother’s Day. Clipper is here to help make your holiday promotions more effective and to boost local marketing and advertising for businesses like yours. Reach out to your local Clipper rep today.

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