Learn how you can receive valuable money-saving coupons from #magName# and #magCoupons# . Below are a few common questions that we receive and how at this time we are able to answer them. Feel free to call or email us with any other questions or concerns.

"Can you add me to your mailing list?"
That seems to be the most common question concerning coupons that we receive here at #magName#. Unfortunately the answer is "No." At this time we are unable to add individual addresses to our mailing lists. We utilize lists comprised of specific zip codes and routes within those zip codes. Our sales representatives, in conjunction with our advertisers, determine the mailing areas. If we are not currently mailing to your area we hope to very soon. We are constantly growing and revising our mailing, so it is possible that we will include your area in the future.

"My friend who lives several blocks away receives the magazine,
but I don't. Why not?"

Most likely your friend is on a different carrier route than you are, and at this time, we are not mailing to your specific route. Due to our continuous growth we plan to increase our distribution areas and your route may be included in future mailings.

Another Option – On-Line Savings
In the meantime we urge you to try our on-line coupon site, #magCoupons#CouponClipper.com --->. When you log on to this web site, you will receive national coupons as well as notification of the availability of local coupons. This site is an ever expanding site with more cities and content added daily.
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Please feel free to call or email us with any concerns or questions.
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